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What will happen next in Sweden?

2022-09-19-swedish-demagogue.jpg A Dall-E mini interpretation of 'a Swedish demagogue holding a speech'.

People are wondering what'll happen next in Sweden.

The new Swedish government is still up in the air, the formation of which will decide our fates for (at least) the coming next four years.

I write 'at least' because the right–wing bloc will likely most often saying no to wind and solar power and yes to nuclear power. An overwhelming amount of contemporary science (from reliable sources) show it's a bad idea. You don't have to work at the IPCC to understand how short-sighted it is to choose nuclear power over wind and solar power; Robert Pollin's research explains it so that most people understand our truly green alternatives1.

The Sweden Democrat (SD) stance on the climate catastrophe should be clear by now. It is completely anti-intellectual and shunned by all who are in the slightest interested in the subject.

All Swedish parties except SD support the EU condemnation of Hungary

On 2022-09-15 (Thursday), the European Parliament voted to decide that Hungary is no longer a 'full democracy'3:

The lack of decisive EU action has contributed to the emergence of a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy”, i.e. a constitutional system in which elections occur, but respect for democratic norms and standards is absent, MEPs say.

The way in which Hungary is run is condemned by modern society.

The Sweden Democrats (SD) oppose the EU condemnation. This is expected.

In 2019, Kristina Winberg, Swedish EU politician for SD, on the subject of Viktor Orbán, proclaimed that 'He is exactly the leader I would like in Sweden.' Note: she didn't say 'exactly the type of leader'…

To add context, let's look back on a couple of things that Orbán has done this year. This quote is from July 20224:

In a speech Saturday in Baile Tusnad, Romania, where Orban addresses a school program every summer, the prime minister's remarks were especially polarizing. He carped about "mixed-race" populations and the "flooding" of Europe with non-European migrants, and referred to the racist concept of "population exchange."

''There is a world in which European peoples are mixed together with those arriving from outside Europe,'' he said. ''Now, that is a mixed-race world.'' In the Carpathian Basin, however, people are not mixed-race, he said: ''We are simply a mixture of peoples living in our own European homeland. ... We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed-race.''

Several top SD politicians have celebrated Orbán in a variety of ways, perhaps notably the Ekeroth brothers, both of whom have moved to Hungary.

Jimmie Åkesson, the party leader of SD, has stated the following5:

Unlike Magdalena Andersson and her social democrats we will neither leave nor abandon our roots.

That sentence is about as broken in English as it is in Swedish. My translation, by the way.

We all know your roots, Jimmie. You lied when you claimed that you'd joined SD after they'd 'cleaned up their act'6, and that says it all. Your roots will always show.

Where next, SD?

On Friday, I listened to the latest episode of Studio Expo2, the podcast of Expo Foundation, the non–profit foundation that was founded to 'inform the public about racism and xenophobia'.

The episode was largely about where the Sweden Democrats (SD) will go next, now that they're the second–biggest political party in Sweden.

An interesting point that was made, is that SD's Nordic political–party counterparts in Norway and Denmark—where the extreme right–wing parties are most prominent—don't want to affect society through revolution and reform; SD want to impose laws and rules in Sweden that completely reshape how people are allowed to live.

Expo spoke about what they believe SD wants to do before the next election:

Limit immigration

This is one of SD's tenets: immigration is the source of all things bad, so limiting immigration is fundamental.

Sweden currently flaunts some of the most restrictive immigration laws in Europe. This is not often spoken about.

According to SD, immigration costs tear Sweden apart. In the past, I've shown how economic crime in Sweden costs at least twice as much as refugee immigration.

SD want people who've immigrated to Sweden - N.B.: preferably non-white-skinned persons who aren't from Europe - to return where they came from. To achieve this, they've tried to lure people with money. We'll see what comes next.

Luckily, history provides us with clues.

Change culture by reforming civil society

SD envision a Sweden of yore: history clubs, old folk dances, etc.

The civil society that SD envisions must 'constructively contribute societal development'. Their words, my translation.

Their words to describe the politics that drive our current civil society: 'politics of shattering'.

These terms and phrases mean very little, simply because they're absolutely bonkers; ask five SD voters what 'Swedish culture that constructively contributes to societal development' means, and you'll likely get five fairly different answers.

SD have been around for decades, but because their politics are built on hate, it's obvious that they've not had much time to consider the words they spout.

This will always be their downfall: anti–intellectualism and xenophobia doesn't work.

SD have blamed ruling parties for everything under the sun since the party was founded. Now that SD are really big, it'll be interesting to see how they'll continue doing this.

The Swedish language offers offerkofta, a popular term. It's a combination of two words that translate to 'victim' and 'cardigan'. If you, in Swedish, say someone's wearing an offerkofta, you're saying they're purposefully making themselves the victim (and liking it). It wouldn't be unfair to say SD have worn the offerkofta since day one. It'll be really interesting to see the change that's coming: the day when SD will have to face the music for their own decisions.

I just hope we're not ruled by xenophobic fascists before people understand and truly act against the so–called ethos of SD.

Seriously limit journalism and education

Linus Bylund, currently a top SD politician and their former chief of staff, has stated that 'journalists are and remain enemies of the nation'7.

It's clear that SD want to eliminate threats to their existence. They want to repress gender sciences and control what schools teach.

These are clear patterns that autocratic rule tends to follow.

Governmental rule

SD may be excluded from the government. This is mainly down to the Moderate party, the party that invited SD.

If no SD politicians are allowed minister titles, they'll likely get govermental mandate.

The government controls Sweden, not SD.

There's only one way away from here: oppose SD at every turn. They'll show their true brown-blue colours and fall onto their own arms.

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