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Loraine James - 'Building Something Beautiful For Me'


An electronic, simple, yet complex album. The first song, 'Maybe If I (Stay On It)' is a repetitive piece with Björk-like percussion, slightly off–key song that's mixed low, and…it magically works. There's true magic in the air on this album.

Song two, 'The Perception of Me (Crazy Nigger)', is a very different song. It's ambient for the first four minutes, then runs into an 808–beat slog together with muted electronic–piano chords, glitchy spanking sounds, piano minimalism that makes me think of Philip Glass…

1980s synth chords come with twisted wood chimes. They run for a few minutes, and somehow, this shit works.

The album is almost troubling.

Suddenly a duo of voices to lower–register, minor–key synths. Something recorded seemingly in solace, but really shared with us.

The lyrics are often poetic and repetitive. It's contemplative and meditative.

This is ambient, new age, and housey, even though it's never really dancey stuff; the music often retains a lot of what made 1990s rave music great.

This album makes for many repeat listens.